• Kenneth Crooks, Jr.
    Executive Director Emeritus

  • As times change, what previously was a ‘dialogue about race’ has evolved into a holistic approach to diversity in our community and beyond.

    One Columbus, has also evolved, strengthening its core mission: striving to inspire, motivate, promote diversity, and ensure that each member of the community is respected and valued. Recognizing and appreciating diversity is an obligation to which each of us must be committed. If we accept and act on this challenge, then Columbus will truly become a ‘One Columbus’.

Items of Importance -July 19, 2012

One Columbus Items of Importance July 19, 2012

TONIGHT: 6PM Chattahoochee Valley Public Library – Prejudice Reduction Seminar Lecture IV

The One Columbus Prejudice Reduction Seminars will close this evening with its final session. The final session will be delivered by Prof. Emeritus Denny Clark. Titled: “A conversation on the Middle East and the Columbus community”. We will hear from Denny and other members of the Christian, Islamic, and Jewish community in a dynamic dialogue session. Included in the session will be Temple Israel’s new Rabbi Schwartz, who started working in Columbus this week. One Columbus welcomes her to the Columbus community.

Please see the brief preview of the event that appeared in the Ledger-Enquirer about the event today: http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/2012/07/18/2124863/local-rabbi-religion-professor.html

Why is learning about the Middle East relevant?

The population of Americans of Middle Eastern descent has almost doubled in size since the 1980s. There are increasing numbers of Americans of Middle Eastern descent living in America each day.

Not only do we have increased numbers of Americans of Middle Eastern descent in our country, but the U.S. is actively involved in the international arena, especially the Middle East region. News sources in U.S. media frequently cover events in countries in the Middle East, especially Syria, Iran, Egypt, Palestine and Israel. The US also holds important relationships with countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar. However much is left unsaid in brief news coverage of the region.

As the backgrounds of Europeans are diverse, so are the backgrounds of Middle Easterners. Americans of Middle Eastern descent in Georgia alone hail from twelve different national homelands. There are twenty-two Arab states each with their own distinct identities, traditions, cultures and languages.

According to the Arab American Institute, Georgia marks 14 on the list of states with the most population of Arabs. The approximate populace of people of Arab descent in Georgia is 27,057, which accounts for approximately 0.3 percent of the state’s estimated 9,544,750 total population. While this figure may seem small, increasing awareness of Middle Eastern culture is not only relevant to personal interaction of cultures within our country but also in understanding the relationships on a global scale, and in challenging our preconceived ideas about those cultures.

Join us this evening for the culmination of the seminar and active conversation about this important region!

Contact: Rose Espinola 706-315-0162

The One Columbus Seventh Annual Golf Tournament

The One Columbus Seventh Annual One Columbus Unity Golf Tournament took place on Thursday, July 12, 2012 at the Robert Trent Jones Grand National Golf Course in Opelika, Alabama. Thank-you, for your ongoing support of the Tournament.

The tournament received a good turnout, with a great show of support from the corporate community including organizations such as The Columbus Housing Authority, Certus Bank, Columbus Bank an Trust, TIC Federal Credit Union, WC Bradley, and Houston Clinic. Not to mention support from individuals in the community such as Travis Chambers, Judge John Allen, and Pope McGlammery.

Following registration and lunch, a ball toss initiated the competition. We had a presentations and introductions with Columbus Chair Mr. Lee Brantley, who welcomed all the Golfers and Participants and kicked off the Tournament.

Following an outstanding game of Golf the Award ceremony was held and Trophies were sent out. One Columbus would like to Congratulate “SportsVisions”, on taking home the winning trophy.

We thank you all for your support and commitment to building bridges across ethnic, economic, religious, and social barriers in our community and look forward to next year’s event!

Columbus Times 37th Annual Summerfest Cultural Festival

Friday July 27 1PM-5PM

Talent Show Starting at 7PM – The Frank D. Chester Recreation, 1441 Benning Drive, Columbus, GA 31903.

You are invited to be a part of a special day of events — the 37th Annual Summerfest Children & Family Health Expo and Back to School Give Away.


If you have a business or healthcare practice that would like to have a booth, contact the Times directly!

Contact The Columbus Times: 706 324 2404

Musical Extravaganzza – Hosted by NAACP Columbus Branch – St James CME Church , 380 Northstar Dr – Sunday 29 July 3:30pm

This event is a free event open to the public and the community at large!

The event is open to those who may have a group, choir, dance team, or some other talent that would like to participate on the program.

Join the NAACP Columbus Branch as we celebrate the gifts of unity, music and the arts as a community! It’s going to be an event that you do not want to miss!

Candidates for this upcoming local election have been invited to be in attendance at this musical. Come out and meet the candidates who desire to serve us in our government, school board and law enforcement.

Most of all, join us as we celebrate the gifts of unity, music and the arts as a community!
Contact: 1st Lady Bunkley @ 706.405.8771 or via email at stephanielynn1972@gmail.com

Valley Interfaith Promise – NEW PROGRAM

VALLEY INTERFAITH PROMISE is a local organization that reaches out to the homeless

VIP would like to introduce its new program: “Almost Home”. This program is an extension of the VIP sheltering program. It is temporary housing for families who have gained full-time employment but need more time before moving into permanent housing.

The eligibility for “Almost Home” will be limited to those who have entered and completed the VIP sheltering program requirements.

VIP is looking for more private landlords. Partner with VIP on a 6-month lease or month-to-month arrangement. The lease will be secured by VIP.

Churches with extra property (family unit) can partner with VIP. This can help families who may need less than 30 days as they are close to securing a permanent housing unit. The unit could be available for families with full-time employment and their own transportation.

The goal for “Almost Home” is to inform families about their housing options and set goals toward finding permanent housing. To be renters in good standing or home owners. It is the only transitional housing program of its kind in Columbus/Phenix City for homeless families. “Almost Home” is a great step towards helping Columbus with it’s 10-Year Plan To End Homelessness.

Contact VIP if you are interested in partnering in the “Almost Home” program at 706-494-6348, for more information see their website at: http://www.valleyinterfaithpromise.com/

For community activities, don’t forget to check the Consolidated Government’s website at: http://www.columbusgacalendar.com/

One Columbus
Rose Espinola – Editor
Items Of Importance

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