• Kenneth Crooks, Jr.
    Executive Director Emeritus

  • As times change, what previously was a ‘dialogue about race’ has evolved into a holistic approach to diversity in our community and beyond.

    One Columbus, has also evolved, strengthening its core mission: striving to inspire, motivate, promote diversity, and ensure that each member of the community is respected and valued. Recognizing and appreciating diversity is an obligation to which each of us must be committed. If we accept and act on this challenge, then Columbus will truly become a ‘One Columbus’.

E. Pluribus Unum

E Pluribus Unum is a lecture/discussion series that examines the U. S. Constitution as the fundamental document to which all Americans look for guidance concerning the prerogatives of the individual and the limits of official authority.

E Pluribus Unum 2007

March 27,2007

Presenters- Jorge Vaga,Stephen Hyles and Ben Holden