• Kenneth Crooks, Jr.
    Executive Director Emeritus

  • As times change, what previously was a ‘dialogue about race’ has evolved into a holistic approach to diversity in our community and beyond.

    One Columbus, has also evolved, strengthening its core mission: striving to inspire, motivate, promote diversity, and ensure that each member of the community is respected and valued. Recognizing and appreciating diversity is an obligation to which each of us must be committed. If we accept and act on this challenge, then Columbus will truly become a ‘One Columbus’.

April 12, 2007 Action Forum

The Action Forum for CSU Bridge-Builders Study Cirlces was held on Thursday, April 12th at 12:30-1:30 p.m. at the International House. Seventy students participated in Study Cirlces this term which ended in April, 2007.
Fifty of these were in Dr. Wakoko’s Race & Ethnic Relations class, and twenty students were facilitated by CHEC, a newly formed student organization that is focusing on building bridges of understanding among various groups on campus.
Four groups made presentations at the Action Forum.
Recommendations from these groups were made in three areas:

  1.  Individuals
  2. For the campus
  3. In the community

Group 1

Cougars Helping Enhance Community

Bridging the Socio-Cultural Gap

Study Circles Forum

To help bridge the gap and enhance community we should take action . . .


  •  Moving outside our comfort zone
  •  Becoming more involved
  • Being open minded
  • Volunteering
  • Asking questions
  • Persevering through defensiveness
  • Leaving behind ethnocentric ways
  • Knowing that we are not always right


  •  Increasing financial aid for study abroad programs
  •  Better advertising events
  • Having more diverse activities
  • Educating persons in leadership positions about diversity
  • Increasing the number of clubs
  • Participating in student government
  •  Increasing security


  • Having free forums on diversity
  •  Having diverse performers at community events
  • Having more places or activities for the 17- 20 age group
  •  Increasing the police force
  •  Sharing our knowledge
  •  Having free events
  •  Being involved in town meetings
  • Having an international day

Group 3

Evening Class


  • Be a helping hand if its needed/ when it?s wanted
  • To be more inclusive
  • Get friends to join in an event or volunteer effort


  • Volunteering community activities
  • Speak out against racism, poverty and education in balance at town managements.
  • Challenge the media about the negative
  •   Get out and vote



  • Bring in younger professors
    Allow more chances to share your story in class
    Orientation doesn’t reflect reality
    Home student affairs press for more diverse organizations.